OthaSoul - Sour Grapes

Music Video - 5 mins

Through science(!) we unravel the mysteries of hip hop.

Cast and Crew

Scientist: Aleks Golis

Specimans: OthaSoul

Directors / Producers: Do Not Entry

Director of Photography: Peter Riches

1st AC: Lloyd Cook

2nd AC: Louis Hollis

Gaffer: John Letsinger

Sound Recordist: Buster Grey-Jung

1st AD: Zbyszek Siwek

Costume / Production Design: Louis Casely, Alice-Mae Mayall, Henry Richardson, Natalie Wyle

Grade: Daniel Garden

Hair & Make-Up: Tabitha Mei-Bo Li

Catering: Alice-Mae Mayall

Stills: Holly Oliver

Photography by Holly Oliver

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