Jason Nolan - Late Night City Hawks

Music Video - 5 mins

Two figures wander aimless, disorientated, through a vast labyrinth of capitalist structures. They search desperately for something, anything, but The City is watching.

If you want to understand what's most important to a society, don't examine its art or literature, simply look at its biggest buildings.” - Joseph Campbell

Sneaking into high security areas to capture this video, we managed to access parts never before filmed in, capturing the empty utopian landscapes our modern cities are fast becoming.

Winner: Video of the Day

Cast and Crew

0X: Sharnee Gates

0Y: Victor Hugo Mauricio

Narrator: Adham Smart

Directors: Do Not Entry

Director of Photography: Ronnie McQuillan

1st AC: Jody Roberts

Grade: Daniel Garden

Special Thanks: Simon + Paul @ Arri, that legend security guard

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