Don Broco - Amazing Things - Album Release Video
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Don Broco - Album Promo
Short film - 3mins

In early 2020, Don Broco came to us, asking for a space themed football music video. Being obsessed with UK celeb lookalikes, we decided to have them clone David Beckham in space. A sequel followed later that year, which saw Don Broco facing off against Beckham in a wrestling ring.

This short film, to mark the release of their album Amazing Things, completes the trilogy.

We're proud to have been part of the content journey that saw Don Broco take David Beckham on their live tour, and that saw Amazing Things get number one in the UK charts. 


David Beckham Clone - Mark Woodward

DOP - Pete Riches

Prosthetics - Billie Watkins & Tabatha Li

Sound Recordist - Bianchin